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By Liz Taylor

Comcast Cable provides entertainment for everyone with up to 270 channels, 45 of which are premium channels. They offer music, flicks, sports and educational channels. They even offer cable channels displaying preferred shows. Don't worry about missing these great entertainment selections while at work, because Comcast Cable provides their clients with On Demand. It's a feature that allows the spectator to select what is watched, when they want to watch it. Choose the latest flick releases or missed episodes of favourite TV shows.

Preview and order them all from the comfort of your own home! Order from Comcast Cable's On Demand or look over their Pay Per View events. Their DVR, or Digital Video Recorder, feature permits the spectator to stop, pause, and rewind live TV. Fast forward thru commercials or pause the show to get more snacks! The choice is yours!

They also provide parental controls to give anxious parents the peace of mind they need when they are away from the home. This option permits fogeys to protect young minds from adult themes and keep them on the academic, entertaining materials they deserve to be watching. Set the code once and walk away knowing they are safe, even when you are not at home!

Comcast Cable also provides excellent internet service with their high speed Power Booster. This service is up to 8 times faster than DSL and can download data up to 12 Mb per second. Say so long to lengthy downloads and the days of being bumped off unstable dial up connections. Say hi to fast downloads while surfing, shopping, checking online accounts or personalizing your homepage and talking with friends and family thru chat and email. Comcast Cable also provides high security with free McAfee software! Protect valuable private information like bank accounts and passwords from cyber burglars and protect your PC from malicious spy ware and viruses. Conduct web business with speed and security, knowing you are safe with Comcast Cable.

Comcast Cable also offers top quality digital telephone service, with unlimited local and non-local calling for one low monthly rate. Comcast Cable makes it simple and cheap to remain in touch with acquaintances and family. Use this service for the office and save even more! Call your loved ones night or day without being worried about dear overages or waiting for the free off top or weekend hours. Comcast Cable brings convenience and affordability to the home with their digital phone, cable and internet services.

For the family that desires it all, Comcast Cable provides Triple Play, the bundled package for their cable, internet and telephone services. Why go through 3 different suppliers when one has it all? The convenience this package offers is the cash and time it saves the user. Pay one bill a month for three services, instead of three bills to three different suppliers. Comcast Cable offers 3 great services in one package at a low monthly rate. Convenient pay options include paying online, by telephone or by mail. Never do without with Comcast Cable! - 32388

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