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By Celia Westbury

HDTV has been around for some time now and you could be thinking that it's time for your family to take advantage of it. You may be considering how best to do that though. After all , there are lots of places that you can get HDTV programming these days- over the air, cable TV, satellite television, video disc, and even the Internet! However , no one does a better job of providing HDTV programming than Dish Network!

Dish Network has always been committed to providing the best possible HDTV experience along with the most high def channels. Now though, Dish Network has secured its role at the HDTV leader with the roll out of its Turbo HD service this past summer! Turbo HD is the premium HDTV service with the most total HDTV channels available today- well over a hundred national HDTV channels and countless local high def channels!

Turbo HD presents its HDTV channels in the shape of packages of varying sizes. These packages can be added onto standard definition Dish Network entertainment packages. the really inventive thing about Turbo HD packages ( besides their size ) is the undeniable fact that you can enroll in them without subscribing to a standard def package! This is significant because of the fact that, at some point, HDTV will replace standard definition as the format of preference and when that happens all HDTV packages will be common. Dish Network has made that happen now through Turbo HD!

Another very innovative thing that Dish Network has done with HDTV is make it available in 1080p resolution! 1080p is the highest resolution that is's currently supported by commercial HDTV sets and some sets max out at 1080i or as low as 720p. More to the point, most TV service providers can't deliver HDTV in anything greater than 1080i resolution. Dish Network is the exception to that though with its ability to supply pictures in 1080p through Dish On Demand! This makes the pay per view experience of Dish On Demand that much better and that much more like attending a real film theater!

Dish Network also enhances its HDTV capabilities by providing high end HD DVRs as an optional feature. A DVR is a device that will record video without delay off the satellite signal and store it on a built in hard drive. An HD DVR does a similar thing, but with HDTV and standard def TV content alike! The HD DVR units that this company offers are highly impressive apropos the quantity of video that they can store. The higher end models can store upwards of fifty hours of HDTV content and as much as 3 150 hours of standard definition video! On top of that, it is possible to use external USB hard drives for almost limitless storage capacity!

Naturally, Dish Network still offers lots of standard definition entertainment as well . In fact, it provides its subscribers with the choice of enrolling for countless standard def entertainment packages that range from economy packages to luxury packages! These packages will still be available for quite a long time and can be customized to meet your needs whether you go high def or not!

Dish Network is the definitive source of all types of TV- including the innovative new HDTV! - 32388

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