LED Television Reviews - Making The Right Choice

By John Leonard

When new technology is released, we often need help in making a choice. LED televisions are very new technology and the reviews on the sets help you to decide if this is the set for you. After reading the reviews, you may decide you cannot live without one of these new sets, or that your older set will serve just fine. Good LED television reviews help to make satisfied customers.

LCD television technology is not that old. It gave us thinner screen televisions that could hang on the wall with little floor space. Pictures were good, although they could never be true rivals to the plasma television.

The back lighting source was the main problem with LCD televisions. LCD televisions were back lit with fluorescent tubes. Those tubes begin to lose their brightness after a few years. The lack of brightness means that pictures loose quality. There is no provision for replacing the tubes so the entire set needs replacement every three to four years. Additionally, fluorescent light is poor light for the many colors needed by television.

LED televisions are a great improvement that tries to solve these problems. LED televisions have LED lamps for back lighting. LED lamps have become popular in flash lights, Christmas lights and even home lighting. They produce a very bright, very white light that is of high quality. The lamps are very long lasting and do not have color gaps that exist in fluorescent lights. When added to a LCD television, the set can now show many more colors. LED sets are among the thinnest of all televisions available.

LED lamps also consume less energy. Ultimately this could mean lower power bills for the consumer. If we consume less power, the power companies will not have to expand their facilities and rates can be kept down.

LED lighting makes very thin televisions sets possible. It is possible to make thirty six inch televisions that are less than one inch thick using this technology. The sets seem to become thinner with each new generation and are easily wall mounted doing away with the necessity for an entertainment center.

LED televisions offer large screens without the bulk or problems of projection televisions. They are wonderful for watching television but even better for sports and movies.

When reading LED television reviews, many people are tempted to just look at numerical or star ratings. It is important when looking at these reviews to go beyond the ratings and see why people make the ratings that they do. There are some people that will write reviews that never give a bad rating to anything they review as far as the numbers go. However by reading their review you may find other very valuable information the will help with your decision.

On the other hand, there are also people who believe that they should never give anything a perfect score. They look for a reason to lower their score. Be sure that you also read their report to see why the product was scored lower than by other people.

Always take time to actually view a television before purchase. Even if you purchase online, visit a showroom to see the product in action. Then you can know if it is the right product for you. - 32388

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