HD DVD Players

By Zeeman Haus

Obviously you've upgraded to a true HD TV and the difference in picture quality is breath taking. The real problem is now in the quality of your DVD playback. It has somehow become less crisp than it used to be. Part of this is perception and part of it has to do with your player. Looking at an HD DVD might save you a little money and enhance your movie watching experience.

There is a lot of talk on the market and on the showroom floor about HD DVD and what it does for you. The basics of these conversations go down like this: HD quality picture through the use of a better, more accurate DVD player than can utilize your old DVDs. The advantage is that you 1) don't have to buy a Blue-Ray player and 2) you don't have to buy all new movies to replace the ones you have. Both are sound arguments and a little flawed.

Having an HD DVD player will save you some time and money as well as help you eliminate a remote or at least avoid collecting another one. DVDs will play on your ne HD player, so you can get rid of your old DVD player or at least move it to another room.

HD DVD players use a laser with a short bandwidth than the old school players and this is their main advantage. Because of the shorter bandwidth of the blue laser, the HD DVDs are able to hold more date and load quicker. Because of the more data aspect, a high quality, high definition picture can be reached.

Another advantage for HD DVD players is simply that having one player that can play two formats saves you space. Otherwise you'd be losing space under your TV to yet another player. And no one wants to see that.

The packaging is another attractive aspect of making the change from standard DVD to HD DVD. They all come in the same packaging so the boxes are all the same size. When you consider what life was like when you made the change from VHS to DVD, the value in this is clear.

Pricing on most HD DVD players is, for the most part less than a blu-ray player. Some of this has to do with competition and the like. But when you think about what you will do with your old DVD player and the fact that a lot of DVDs are being released now as duel "DVD/HD DVD" sets, this is a pretty enticing buy. For me, I moved my old DVD player to the bedroom, now I can watch my old DVDs and my new ones anywhere I want.

The real plus to it all is that you don't have to start over on your collection and you can keep one basic unit beneath your TV instead of two, three of four different boxes. For we older people who remember the betamax/vhs wars if the early 80s there is the added comfort of knowing we don't have to completely switch formats again or hope we guessed which was going to become the standard. - 32388

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